Ozcan Ozan

Chef-owner Özcan was born and raised in Turkey, a beautiful and exotic Mediterranean country whose many marvels include traditional cuisine that is recognized by food connoisseurs as among the finest in the world. Rooted in a diverse cultural history (Turkey is the cradle of many civilizations) Turkish cooking is characterized by infinite variety and a range of distinctive flavors - from subtle to spicy. At the core of it all is commitment to freshness and the firm belief that eating is, afterall. one of life’s greatest pleasures.

With Sultan’s Kitchen, Özcan brings the best traditions of Turkish cooking to Boston. The menu reflects his 40 years of classical cuisine experienc, including his tenure as chef in some of the finest resturants in Europe and Turkey.

We welcome you to Boston’s first Turkish restaurant, and hope your experience here is a memorable one.

Thank you! - Özcan Ozan -



“Ever since I tasted Õzcan Ozan’s food, I have been waiting for this book. Õzcan is a really good cook, which is the highest compliment one chef can pay to the another. For those who have scant knowledge of the food of Turkey, The Sultan’s Kitchen will provide a fine introduction to the cuisine and some wonderfully delicious and easy recipes. The red lemtil soup, the kofta stuffed with mashed potatoes, the greens with yogurt-garlic souce are worhty additions to one’s personal recipe collection.” -JOYCE GOLDSTEIN author of The Mediterranean Kitchen, Back to square One, Kitchen Conversations, Mediterranean the Beautiful, and Taverna.

“A wonderfully varied selection... Özcan’s versions of the famous dishes ezogelin corbasi (a red lentil soup) and ‘shepard’s Salad’ are the most richly and complexly flavored I’ve eaten.” -Gourmet

“Bravo! to Özcan Ozan for producing a wonderful cookbook filled with rich and tasty recipes” -PAULA WOLFERT author of The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean

“Özcan Ozan’s Sultan’s Kitchen deliciously captures the flavors of Turkish cooking traditions... Professionals and home cooks alike will find lots of savory ideas within the pages of this book to expand their repertoire of prized Mediterranean recipes.” -GREG DRESCHER, Director of Education, The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone

“Not to be missed... a gem. This is real Old World cooking... devotees of Mediterranean cuisine would be remiss not to add this book to their collection.” - Boston Globe

“Sultan’s Kitchen is one of our favorite restaurants in Boston.
[This] wonderful book is not only a delight for fans of Turkish food,
but for anyone with a curiosity about how passionate chefs are able
to coax exquisite flavors out of simple and pure ingredients.”
co-authors of Becoming a Chef,
Culinary Artistry, and The Food Intelligentsi