Turkish Ingredients

Mounds Of Olives

It almost goes without saying that when you eat in Turkey, you eat well. Good food is an important part of Turkish culture, and if you walk the streets of any city, you will see and smell it all around you. Tea shops and outdoor cafes abound, neighborhood bakeries, street vendors, and daily shoppers are typical throughout the country.


At the Sultan’s Kitchen we serve great Turkish cuisine to Boston and surounding community. We are working hard to bring you a broad range of distinctively flavored recipes, old and new prepared daily and in the healthiest possible manner. We hope you enjoy dining at the Sultan’s Kitchen!

Mouds of fresh eggplants, stringbeans, and Turkish red pepper.

Most of the ingredients used in Turrkish cusine are not that unusual, and you will be able to find them in well-stocked supermarket or gourmet shop. But there are a few items that you will need to buy in specialty or Middle Eastern food stores.

Beans and peas, black caraway seeds, bulgar (cracked wheat), clarified butter, fresh coriander, eggplant, fava beans, feta cheese filo dough, shredded filo dough, fish, grape leaves, kasseri cheese, lamb, mastic, mint leaves, dried olive oil, suzme yogurt, tahini, tomato, dried Turkish red pepper.


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